Happy new year! What a year 2020 was. Some good and some bad… Regardless of how your year went, it is over and time to create some new resolutions.

The beginning of the year is a great time to reset your mind and body and improve on your lifestyle. A new year does not have to be a new you. These don’t have to be life-changing goals, rather just goals to better the way you lived last year.

When making these goals, there are some things to keep in mind. Whether it be with food or something else in your life, make sure you are not fully restricting yourself. When we immediately limit ourselves from something we are used to having or doing, we have a harder time keeping up with it than we would slowly implementing it. Small steps will take you a long way! None of us are perfect, and breaking our resolutions sometimes is perfectly fine and does not mean we are headed off path. Here are some of my 2021 resolutions and suggestions for overall wellness:

Less screen time – After a long semester on zoom class and also having all of my out of school screen time, this was a very relevant resolution for me as I am sure for all of you. I am aware that “less screen time” is a broad goal, but make it specific to yourself. For me, this means less time on social media. Sometimes it feels like the only source of entertainment is on either my phone or computer, but there are always going to be so many things to discover, read, and learn outside of our phones.

“Me time” – Self-care is so so important. Whether you like having some alone time or do not, do something self-care related for yourself every day. We all know how it feels when we don’t take care of our physical, mental, and emotional self. Do things that make you happy. Some things I do for self-care include finding a book I enjoy, listening to my favorite music, and watching the sunset. These things should not be huge commitments that end up causing stress, but little acts that you enjoy.

Drink more water – This is something that is commonly overlooked and often put off by people, including myself. Drinking enough water is so important for almost all of our bodily functions. It helps our skin get rid of toxins, prevent acne, and create a glow. Although a lot of people are aware of the importance, they still do not consume enough water on the daily. Start off your morning with a big glass of water, and keep in up throughout the day and at every meal.

Again, your goals might take some practice, and if you are not fully successful at first, do not give up. I will be going into 2021 very positively and with my goals in mind. Keep the lifestyle you want to live in mind, and you will get there!

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