Are you in need of a guilt-free snack? Here is a great option!

Sometimes I crave something like chocolate rather than veggies or fruit. Although we should be thinking about the five food groups most of the time when we snack (fruits, vegetables, protein, dairy, and grains), this is totally okay! These cravings are a natural thing, but it is still important to make the right choices.

Fill your pantry with the healthy snacks you like so that you don’t grab candy or a bag of chips.

If you are like me and your favorite foods consist of chocolate and more chocolate, but you are having trouble finding one that meets your standards, HU is an amazing choice. Ever since I discovered this brand two or so years ago, I have been obsessed with their products.

Their brand moto is “Get Back to Human”, helping people with eating and making a healthy lifestyle of their own. Their chocolate is organic, vegan, paleo, and so much more. There are no refined sugars, which is what I was mainly looking for in searching for a chocolate. Unlike the ingredient list, the flavor list is extensive. They make bars in so many different flavors: almond butter and puffed quinoa, vanilla crunch, cashew butter + raspberry, and more.

They also sell what they call “hunks”, which are things like chocolate covered nuts. The last of their chocolate products are their version of a chocolate chip, the “gems”, which is what I typically use when I bake. All their products are equally as satisfying as unhealthy chocolate, but you will feel so much better after enjoying.

They also makes crackers in 3 different flavors which are gluten-free, paleo, free from refined starches and sugars, and they also have multiple kinds of seeds which add great nutrients. They are great with hummus, or any type of spread or dip.

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